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Trek For HOPE - Fundraising




• Uganda Project

The fundraising will go to a project in Uganda helping children significantly less fortunate than ourselves.


• Fundraising started

The aim of collecting at least £2600 has been set... the first challlenge is on.






Help us raise funds so that HOPE for Children can make this world a better place!



HOPE is a charity with aim of helping orphaned, poor and exploited children - their cause may be best explained in their own words so I invite you to click here.



This is an initiative taken by RBC Dexia, a fund services bank in Luxembourg, with an ambitious aim of raising EUR 175 000 for HOPE for Children.


To raise awareness of this fundraising initiative, I and a few colleagues will among other things attempt to ascend Kilimanjaro, please see details below.


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1. How do I know this money actually goes to charity?

I have been authorised by HOPE for Children to act as a fund raiser which is a requirement to create a fundraising page with Virgin Money Giving, a not-for-profit subsidiary of Virgin Enterprise. All donations are made via this site and once made will promptly be transferred to HOPE for Children. I have no ability to control any donations made to this website. For more information please visit Virgin Money Giving's


2. Is it safe to make donations?

Virgin money uses a secure website for any donations with standards at least as high as other international banks and merchants.


3. How much of what I donate will reach the children in need?

99.9%. Only Virgin will charge HOPE for Children a nominal fee for processing. As Virgin Money Giving is a non-for-profit company, the fees are at a minimum. Should you prefer to by-pass Virgin Money, please contact me directly.


Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact me: or +352 661 31 79 07





My name is Fredrik Almroth (32) and I currently work as legal advisor for RBC Dexia Investor Services Bank in Luxembourg. I, in association with my employer and corporate sponsors, have set out to raise money for the UK based registered charity "HOPE for Children" and to promote this fund raising I have undertaken to attempt an ascent of the peak of Africa - Kilimanjaro (5895m).



Further info regarding the trek:

Trek Dates - 13 June 2012 -> 24 June 2012

Trek Ascend diagram - Click here

Trek Video - Click here

Trek Photos (coming) -



For a EUR 50 donation:

EUR 0 will go to me or towards any costs of the trip to Kilimanjaro, this part is mostly paid by me and in part by my employer.

EUR 0.1 will go to administration

EUR 0 will go to HOPE's administration*

EUR 49.9 will be used to bring HOPE to children in need.

*all running costs including administrative and staff expenses are covered by various companies.






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All donations are equal.. although some donations are more equal than others!



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Every cent given is more than one cent closer to target - in other words any amount is welcome!



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The practice of charity means the voluntary giving of help to those in need who are not related to the giver.



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The word "charity" entered the English language through the Old French word "charité" which was derived from the Latin "caritas".